Alicia Keys: Pray For Forgiveness

Na contagem decrescente para o novo álbum de Alicia Keys, The Element Of Freedom, aqui fica uma das faixas bónus da Deluxe Edition, a excelente Pray For Forgiveness:

Beautiful garden
Where have you gone?
Myself delusions are leaving me in the start
Taking for granted all the goodness that I found
Somewhere I lost hope
My control came crashing down

And I pray for forgiveness
Look for the answers
'Cos it's hard for me to pretend
Look to my mother
Gone to the captain
Don't you see this state that I'm in
Noone will notice
Nobody notices
'Cos it's me where it begins

Beautiful morning
Please don't wake me from my sleep
'Cos I need some comfort
To regain my sanity

I don't wanna feel this crazy
I don't wanna feel this parted
Shattered in a million pieces
I'm so broken hearted

Noone left to run
Nowhere left to go


I swear that every day
I feel like my mind is haunting me
I think of every little stupid mistake that has been made

This time I won't have the string to gather myself
I'm falling to pieces


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Luy disse... 10/12/09, 09:35  

Tenho ouvido o álbum e estou a gostar imenso. Mais do que os anteriores.

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